Spectre Daniel Craig
Actor Daniel Craig returns as James Bond in Spectre Sony

There is a lot of speculation about the future of James Bond after Spectre - the latest film in the long-running franchise. Will actor Daniel Craig return in the next Bond movie? Will Sony end up losing the rights to the 007 franchise?

Well, we're sure that in time, all the rumours and questions will be addressed. But right now director Sam Mendes (Skyfall, Spectre) hints at some big changes.

While Craig is contractually obligated to do one more Bond film with the studio, Mendes seems to have called it quits stating that he's done with the franchise. "There's a sense of completeness [with Spectre] that wasn't there at the end of Skyfall," Mendes, who said something similar after filming Skyfall, told Deadline. "That's what makes this feel different. It feels like there's a rightness to it, that I have finished a journey."

The Oscar-winning director also spoke about the future of James Bond movies, hinting that a fresh start may be the best way forward. "You cast a new actor and find a new director, and make something totally new," he said.

"I can, off the top of my head, give you three or four ideas for where it could go next. They're all daring and big. To me, the enemy is repetition and laziness, and the great danger is not challenging the preexisting format."

Talking about Craig's recent statement on not wanting to play Bond ever again, Mendes explained that the actor just needs to do another job "that's completely different." After a few months, he may then feel his energy renewed for another Bond film, Mendes said.

Spectre is currently showing in theatres worldwide.