The son of famous crocodile hunter Steve Irwin appears on his way to following his father's footsteps after he fed his first saltwater crocodile yesterday. The 8 year old fed the reptile at the Irwin family zoo in Beerwah, Australia.

Sporting the same iconic long blonde hair as hid dad, Robert told reporters that he found the experience really exciting:

"When they're walking right at you, it's kind of funny watching that."

This isn't the first time that Robert has been caught on camera. Steve Irwin caused outrage when in televised footage he was seen holding Robert as a one-month-old baby in one hand, whilst feeding a giant crocodile with the other. At the time Steve said, "I would be considered a bad parent if I didn't teach my children to be croc-savvy".

It appears the fearless youngster has inherited his dad's daredevil attitude after telling reporters at the zoo, "I'm not really scared of anything. Every day I get to wake up to the tigers and elephants and crocs and everything."

'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin was killed in 2006 after a stingray stabbed him in the chest while filming an underwater documentary by Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

The wife of the late wildlife expert, Terri Irwin, said that the family would continue to maintain Steve's legacy towards animal conservation at the zoo:

"Steve built most of what you see, and Steve's presence on television was larger than life. But I'm a very determined woman, and I think together, with Bindi and Robert, we're going to be able to take things into the future in a big way."

Irwin rose to international fame with his wildlife documentary show The Crocodile Hunter, which enjoyed five successful seasons from 1997 to 2004. The show spawned numerous spin-offs, with the Irwin family currently working on their first television show together since Steve's death.

Written by Alfred Joyner