A Taliban suicide bomber has blown himself up, killing at least 23 people at a Shia Muslim procession in the Pakistani city of Rawalpindi. The bomber targeted marchers as they approached a mosque near the city centre. Another 62 people are believed hurt.

VO The Shias were celebrating the holy month of Muharram when the bomb went off. This footage shows the immediate aftermath of the attack, an ambulance rushes to get through, and people wander around shocked and dazed through the streets. The chants of Ya Hussein, meaning deep grief, can be heard and blood is splattered on the ground.

VO This follows another two attacks yesterday believed to be by hard line Sunni militant groups. One attack outside another Shia mosque in the southern city of Karachi, which killed at least two people.

A bomb attached to a motorcycle, exploded near a security vehicle escorting school children in Quetta , killing five people. The attacks against the minority Shia's are believed to be because the Sunni's regard them as non-Muslims.

Pakistan is hosting a summit of developing nations and the Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik said the attacks were designed to create the impression that the government is incapable of providing adequate security for the summit. However Rawalpindi, near the capital Islamabad, is the headquarters of Pakistan's army and this attack does show the Pakistan military, one of the world's biggest, has failed to break the back of militant groups

Written and presented by Ann Salter