What's left of a bus packed full of Israeli tourists which was bombed outside an airport in Bulgaria. 8 people were killed and at leat 32 were injured. You can see the blown out windows of the double decker with the mangled metal hanging from the roof. Photos taken immediately after the blast show thick black smoke billowing up into the air above the airport, in the popular Black Sea resort of Burgas.

As the emergency services sprang into action ferrying injured people to the nearest hospital, there are several schools of thought about how the attack happened: investigators think the device was either planted on the bus before the tourists boarded OR it might have been planted in someone's luggage. But the main line of enquiry is that it was a suicide bomber. The Bulgarian Interior Ministry says a Michigan driver's licence which was found at the scene has been sent to the FBI to be checked.

This woman spoke to reporters about her ordeal, saying "The explosion was heard from around the wheels, at first I thought a tyre has exploded but then everything turned black, with thick smoke, we couldn't breathe. I don't even remember the seats on the bus, I don't know how, I just jumped out of the window."

Israel's Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman lay the blame at the door of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, claiming they were behind this 'directly or indirectly' and that Israel will respond. The blast comes on the 18th anniversary of the deaths of 85 people killed in a bomb attack on the HQ of Argentina's 's main Jewish organisation by an Iranian-backed Hezbollah suicide bomber.

Written and Presented by Marverine Cole