Christopher Halliwell has been sentenced at Bristol Crown Court today to a minimum of 25 years for the murder of Sian O'Callaghan who he sexually assaulted and stubbed to death after driving her home in his taxi last March in Swindon.

The court heard Halliwell had been cruising around Swindon that night deliberately looking for a victim. After leaving the Suju nightclub, Miss O'Callaghan walked past the Goddard Arms on High Street in the Old Town area and got into Halliwell's taxi where he stubbed Miss O'Callaghan in the head and neck.

Halliwell confessed to police murdering Miss O'Callaghan and took Det Supt Steve Fulcher to her body.

During the interview with Mr Fulcher he also admitted he had killed another woman and said where Becky Godden was buried. At that point Halliwell should have been cautioned but Steve Fulcher breached Halliwell's rights by failing to caution him and denying him a solicitor in an attempt to force information out of him. Which resulted in the second charge of murder being withdrawn.

Wiltshire Police said Mr Fulcher has been suspended pending an investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission into allegations of "inappropriate contact with the media".

Written and presented by Ann Salter