Perverted former teacher Jeffrey Wilson, 31, used a pen with a concealed camera to take "upskirting" pictures of pupils at Thomas Clarkson Academy, in Wisbech, and again at Hills Road Sixth Form College, in Cambridge, while working at both schools in 2019.

He was caught on February 11 when detectives got a warrant and raided Wilson's home in March, Cambridgeshire. This happened after his IP address was linked to child pornography.

The police have linked devices owned by Wilson to have downloaded around 53,000 indecent images of children online, including 90 pictures that were Category A images, the most severe classification.

The confiscated devices the police seized from his home included mobile phones, laptops, USB sticks and tablets. A closer examination of these devices revealed 45 "upskirting" images taken during a six-month period from April to September 2019, while Wilson worked at the two schools.

It was also discovered that Jeffrey Wilson also used a concealed camera in a clock to secretly film a woman undressing inside his house. Following this discovery, a further search of Wilson's belongings revealed another tiny camera hidden in an unassuming pen.

It is believed that this is what he used to take the photos of the unsuspecting students.

During the trial, Wilson admitted to three counts of creating child pornography, three counts of voyeurism and two counts of recording images under clothing without their consent

On August 30, Jeffrey Wilson appeared at Peterborough Crown Court and was sentenced to one year in jail. He was also subjected to a ten-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

"This was a truly disturbing case. Wilson was in a position of trust, which he abused by violating both colleagues and students for his own gratification," said DC Keith Evans.

The detective added, "His behaviour towards the woman he secretly filmed at his home was also disgusting. I'm pleased his offending has been discovered, and he has now faced justice. These images were taken without the knowledge of the victims, and it is impossible to identify them. Wilson's actions will inevitably cause a great deal of distress to pupils, their parents and staff at the schools."

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A hidden camera in a pen and a receiver in the shape of an eraser are displayed after being confiscated by the authorities Reuters