Apple iPad 3
Apple iPad 3 Reuters

New reports have emerged suggesting Apple's iPad 3 will be released in just five months.

The new leak stemmed from Japanese blog Macotakara. The site alleged that a "reliable Asian source" had confirmed to it that the device would be released in potentially as little as five months time, housing a smaller dock connector.

If true, the smaller dock would mean that all accessories and peripherals for Apple's current iPad 2 would be incompatible with the currently unconfirmed, next-generation iPad 3.

The "source" went on to allege that Apple is currently "rushing" iPad 3 production to avoid the Jan. 22-28 Chinese New Year celebrations, meaning that Chinese factories would be producing the new iPads before the end of January.

Macotakara went on to suggest the device would be the same size and house the same number of pins as Apple's current iPad 2. Details regarding the device's screen pixel resolution, retina display and camera were not mentioned in Macotakara's report.

Apple is yet to release any official information on its currently unconfirmed next entry into the iPad series.