New York has been celebrating Thanksgiving in typical style with a parade of enormous inflatables through the city streets.

Residents of the Big Apple came out in their droves to see this year's Thanksgiving parade, which is famous for its epically proportioned balloons and festive revelry.

This year with the 87th parade to be sponsored by retailer Macy's and the conditions were challenging for those charged with keeping the balloons tethered to the ground via ropes.

Ahead of today's event it was feared high winds might ground the inflatables, but such worries proved largely unfounded.

The New York Times reported the Sonic the Hedgehog balloon got in to difficulties on 77th Street, while four people were injured when the lamppost was knocked over by a huge Cat in the Hat.

But the difficulties failed to damped the enthusiasm of many spectators. One woman told local media: "This was on my bucket list," she said. "When you see it on TV you're like, 'How do they do it?' And with the balloons and the weather you think, 'Oh lord, how are they going to be able to do it?' "

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