Five seconds symbolising one of the last big milestones in the Northern Ireland peace process: today The Queen shook hands with former IRA Commander Martin McGuiness, drawing a line under years of conflict which cost the lives of thousands of soldiers and civilians as well as The Queen's cousin, Lord Mountbatten. Many are unhappy at what's happened today, but many also welcomed it.

The handshake was brief. McGuiness saying a few words to the Queen whilst holding her hand, she merely nodding and smiling politely. We might forever wonder what she was thinking at the moment and we're pretty sure that some lip reader somewhere has deciphered what he said.

Later on The Queen and Prince Phillip were welcomed at a Titanic exhibition in Belfast, the city where the ship was built. Considered unsinkable, this year marks the 100th anniversary of the year it sank after hitting an iceberg: killing 1,500 people. 700 more were rescued with what lifeboats were available.

The Royals both enjoyed the Shipyard Ride which takes guests on a journey through the Harland and Wolff shipyard to show people how the boat was made all those years ago.