Those who are fond of cracking and eating pretty icicles that form every winter may be in for an unpleasant surprise. A meteorologist recently revealed that these icicles may be full of bird feces.

Katie Nickolaou, a weatherwoman from Sioux Falls, took to TikTok and Twitter, and appealed to the public to refrain from licking or munching on winter icicles. She claimed that these cold "delights" may be full of feces.

The pretty weatherwoman posted a now-viral clip on TikTok where she told the public, "please don't do that." The caption on the video was, "Don't eat icicles! Please respect the fact that I edited out the original woman in the video (I have her permission) #IciclePoop." Her video on TikTok now has more than 1.7 million views.

The viral video initially showed another TikToker, whom Katie blurred in the clip, happily crunching an icicle. She then explained, "When icicles form, it's from water that melts off your roof and runs down the side of a building. You know what else is on your roof? Bird poop. A lot of it."

The succeeding part of the clip got a bit gross since Katie tried to point out that the fecal runoff of the birds would freeze in the ice. It will be like an excremental slushie. Following this logic, one who would be attempting to enjoy an icicle may actually be eating poop.

Her video became a hot topic on Twitter and it elicited a host of comments from users. Some users who did not know about it were quick to share and of course, spread the information. After all, they would not want their friends and families to keep on munching bird poop. There were those who commended her for the information.

Other Twitter users could not help but poke fun at the "new" discovery. Some called it a "poopcicle."

One user said that he has been eating icicles since he was small and he grew up fine.

Craig (@5againstOne) tweeted, "This message brought to you by generation millennial/ generation Z who were raised to be afraid of EVERYTHING. Many of us over 40 ate icicles as kids and survived. A miracle!"

Meteorologist warns of poopcicles. Photo: Pixabay