Tel Aviv, voted the gay capital of the world in 2011, saw thousands of people from the gay and lesbian community and their heterosexual supporters celebrate the annual Gay Pride Parade.

Revellers, some in drag, danced to Madonna on top of decorated trucks and marched through the city's main streets, as the parade went on for several hours.

Thousands of people lined the streets as the party got into full swing, and this gay man said just how important this event is for the gay community politically and culturally.

Another gay person added her voice and said she celebrated her freedom.

Reforms for legitimising the lesbian and gay movement in Israel started in the 1990s, with the establishment of new laws and the ending of discriminatory rules in the military in 1993. However, anti-gay sentiments are still very common in the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, and past attempts to hold a pride parade in the city of Jerusalem were met with continuing attempts to block the event in court.

Written & Presented by Ann Salter