Egypt's Supreme Constitutional Court once again snubbed the newly-elected Islamist President Mohammed Mursi by cancelling his decree to convene parliament on Tuesday.

Outside the People's Assembly in Cairo ,Mursi supporters wait to hear the verdict . The Muslim Brotherhood's Mursi who was sworn in on June 30th recalled parliament's lower house by passing the military council's dissolution of parliament on Tuesday. The court ordered to halt the President 's decree issued on Sunday for the lower house to resume work. It also ordered to execute its former decisions to void the parliament's lower house.

The decision sparked strong opposition from liberals and judges, who deemed the presidential decree a gross violation of the judicial authority.

A senior brotherhood member told Reuters "It is part of a power struggle between the military council and the president who represents the people and in which the military council is using the law and the judiciary to impose its will,"

Written and Presented by Ann Salter