3-0 was the scoreline the last time these two teams played each other after just thirty minutes. Yet full-time and one week later, and Spurs are somehow back in it.

No it's not a Man Utd tie for the Carling Cup but a European match against qualifiers Young Boys - a tiny club from Berne, but this is the Champions League...and Tottenham are back in it.

How times have changed?

A few seasons ago and no one would have thought Champions League would be possible, 8 matches in and not a point to shout about, Jaunde Ramos had led Tottenham to their worst ever start in the League. The manager brought in to herald a new era of Champions was the UEFA cup winner and up and coming manager from Spain who brought success with Sevilla.

Gareth Bale and Jermaine Defoe, two of the brightest stars for their country are involved and it seems that Tottenham finally have something to be boastful of after Harry Redknapp and his coach Joe Jordan turned things around.

Bale will be essential after his left footed volley against Stoke on Saturday brought Tottenham their first league win. His darting runs and flanking the of the minute Luka Modric provide Tottenham an important outlet for their attack - which mirrors Aaron Lennon on the right - thirty minutes in and Tottenham will be hoping to replicate some of the Berne team's success against them last week.

Meanwhile, Jerman Defoe, called in from injury is playing his final match before going under the knife - an injury from the World Cup that kept him out of last week's tie. He will be hoping to get Tottenham through after the surgery requires one month out, during which he can hope to be playing again once Tottenham reach the group stages.

"You play football to make a difference, create history and do things that no one has done before," Defoe told newspapers, "When you get the opportunity you have to take it."

Defoe hopes not to be left on the sidelines when European qualifcation comes beckoning and has promised his team to avoid the winter of Eastenders 'soap opera' watching, by getting them into the Champions League.

"It's a big night for the football club and we as players have to go and win the game," he says.

In terms of team news, Roman Pavlychenko and Peter Crouch are both fit whilst Robbie Keane may earn his first starting berth. Luka Modric however is not:

"Luka Modric is not fit, but the other lads came out and joined in training, so hopefully they'll be okay. We'll wait to see if they have any reaction. Harry said.

"Luka's a top player, a fantastic player, but we've had to play without him before.

"We had a long spell last season when he was out and we coped okay. We were without him at Stoke on Saturday as well and we were outstanding. It was a great to go and win there."

Alan Hutton, Jonathan Woodgate, Jamie O'Hara and David Bentley remain sidelined.

Manager Harry Redknapp however remains modest on their chances:

"I just think it would be a great honour to get the club into the Champions League group stages. It would be great for the fans to have the Champions League football here. That's my only concern." said Harry Redknapp when asked about how he feels.

Tottenham are on the brink of European football once again.