Kirk Norcross and Frankie Cocozza
Kirk Norcross and Frankie Cocozza Channel 5

Former Celebrity Big Brother stars Frankie Cocozza and Kirk Norcross have landed their very own TV show.

The duo, who have become new BFFs since leaving the ITV show and are even planning to move in together, are set to take their bromance to the small screen, according to reports.

TOWIE star Norcross and shamed X Factor bad boy Cocozza, who have been dubbed the Hugh Hefners of Essex, will be followed by cameras on a series of wild nights and have their antics air on the new reality show as soon as Cocozza moves into Norcross's flat in Brentwood, Essex, which they hope will become "Britain's answer to the Playboy mansion".

Celebrity Big Brother runner-up Cocozza told The Daily Star: "There's loads of TV talk going on at the moment. It will be great.

"Kirk and I on telly together again love life in our new flat.

"It'll be all about us getting p****d and pulling fit birds," he added.

The show will reportedly be offered to a number of major television networks, including Channel 5.

Could the boys' new show rival TOWIE?