International Trade Secretary Kemi Badenoch
The "Alive with Opportunity" campaign is a dynamic effort that transcends traditional trade and business interactions between the UK and India. Niklas HALLE'N/Reuters

The Secretary of State for Business and Trade, Kemi Badenoch, has launched the "Alive with Opportunity" campaign during her visit to Jaipur for the G20 Trade Ministers Meeting.

The campaign, aimed at further strengthening the robust relationship between the UK and India, will focus on expanding trade and investment, while also celebrating shared cultural interests. The campaign launch coincides with Badenoch's series of key meetings with prominent Indian business leaders, including Tata Chair Natarajan Chandrasekaran and Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal.

The "Alive with Opportunity" campaign is a dynamic effort that transcends traditional trade and business interactions between the UK and India.

With a budget of £1.5 million, the campaign seeks to leverage the deep-rooted cultural connections between the two nations, going beyond economic interests to highlight shared passions such as football, cricket, cuisine and cinema. The campaign's launch aligns perfectly with India's upcoming hosting of the Cricket World Cup and the highly anticipated England-India test series set to begin in January.

Secretary Kemi Badenoch expressed her excitement about the campaign, emphasising its potential to enhance the already thriving relationship between the two countries.

"The UK and India share a thriving relationship, and we are committed to deepening our cultural and trading ties," Badenoch stated. "India is a significant source of investment projects for the UK, and this campaign will further amplify the demand for UK goods and services."

One of the primary objectives of the "Alive with Opportunity" campaign is to contribute to the UK's ambitious goal of doubling its trade with India by 2030. The campaign aims to stimulate interest in British products and services, attracting new Indian investments in the UK.

The Department for Business and Trade's recent data reveals that India ranks as the UK's second-largest source of investment projects, with 118 new projects in the last financial year alone, generating over 8,000 jobs.

The campaign will encompass a series of targeted trade missions to India, focusing on high-growth sectors such as higher education, agri-tech and e-sports. These trade missions are set to create a bridge between industries, allowing for knowledge exchange, collaborations and partnerships that will fuel economic growth in both countries.

The concept of the "living bridge", a term popularised by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, underpins the essence of the campaign. The "Alive with Opportunity" campaign is designed to embody the continuous exchange of ideas, culture and people between the UK and India.

This exchange not only enriches both nations culturally but also paves the way for innovative business collaborations and economic opportunities.

Richard McCallum, CEO of the UK-India Business Council, highlighted the robust economic relationship between the two nations.

"The economic ties between our two countries are flourishing," McCallum stated, citing a 34 per cent growth in total trade in the past year. He expressed optimism about the campaign's potential to showcase the symbiotic relationship between the UK and India and to tap into the various cultural and trading prospects that lie ahead.

Secretary Badenoch's visit to India is not only marked by the campaign launch but also by a series of crucial engagements with Indian business leaders and government officials.

In addition to attending the G20 Trade Ministers Meeting in Jaipur, Badenoch is scheduled to participate in a parallel business-focused Business 20 summit in New Delhi. Her itinerary includes meetings with Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal and Tata Chair Natarajan Chandrasekaran.

During her stay, Badenoch will engage in discussions to promote the deployment of digital trade, aimed at simplifying international transactions for businesses of all sizes. She will also meet with major Indian businesses across diverse sectors, including BP, HSBC, Vodafone and Rolls Royce, discussing avenues for cooperation and growth.

Furthermore, Secretary Badenoch's visit coincides with the 12th round of talks for an ambitious trade deal between the UK and India. With bilateral trade already valued at £36 billion in the previous year, the discussions are set to pave the way for an even stronger economic partnership.