Some WWE fans were certain about Brock Lesnar's victory over Bill Goldberg at Survivor Series. However, no one believed that the former WCW and WWE champion, who returned to the ring after a 12-year hiatus, would defeat the Beast Incarnate under 90 seconds.

But when Goldberg carried out two consecutive spears and a jackhammer to defeat Lesnar, fans rooting for the former UFC heavyweight champion were shocked as they never thought it was possible for Goldberg to win.

As the fight ended so, fans criticised WWE for allowing Goldberg to bulldoze Lesnar just to promote their video game WWE 2K17.

Now, WWE executive vice president of Talent Triple H, whose real name is Paul Michael Levesque, has opened up about the fight between Goldberg and Lesnar. Triple H has said that fans criticised the fight's finish as they were not expecting the fight to end with a victory for Goldberg.

"People never saw it coming. When you shock them, they're angry that you shocked them. When you don't shock them, they say it's too predictable," Triple H told Newsweek.

When asked whether the WWE took the right decision on the fight, Triple H said, "I guess we'll see. Would you watch him again...? I don't think we've caused any damage. I've seen Brock Lesnar get beat in the UFC, too. It didn't hurt his value when he [returned] to WWE. You make the best creative decisions [based on] where you want to get to."

Previously, Lesnar's advocate Paul Heyman had said that Goldberg broke his client's ribs with the first spear and that added that Lesnar would be looking to destroy Goldberg at Royal Rumble on 24 January.

Goldberg will be taking part in the 30-man-over-the top match at Royal Rumble but as of now, WWE has not revealed if Lesnar will be included in the fight.

Triple H
WWE superstar Triple H