Paul Heyman has revealed the reason Bill Goldberg was able to defeat Brock Lesnar so quickly in their match at Survivor Series. Goldberg carried out two consecutive spears and followed it up with a jackhammer to defeat the Beast Incarnate in under 90 seconds at the pay-per-view event.

During the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, Heyman appeared for an interview with Michael Cole and said that he and his client underestimated the 49-year-old wrestler. Goldberg returned to the WWE after a 12-year hiatus. Lesnar's advocate said the former WWE and WCW champion ended the fight quickly as he broke the 39-year-old's ribs with the first spear.

Cole asked why Lesnar lost the fight in that fashion.

"That's the million dollar question isn't it," Heyman said with tears in his eyes. "We screwed up. And we have to take accountability for that. There is no getting around that, we screwed up, we took Goldberg lightly. Fantasy warfare just got real."

"That guy is a relic, who has not stepped in the ring in 12 years. And he steps in the ring with Brock Lesnar – the conqueror, the beast. We thought this would have been the easiest payday of Brock's career. And right out of the gate Goldberg spears Brock and cracks Brock's ribs."

When asked how Lesnar was dealing with the loss and the injury, Heyman said injuries are a part of the wrestling business, but the loss was an embarrassment for the wrestler.

"The humiliation, the embarrassment. There is no excuses we can offer. This goes into history. People can watch this over and over again for the next hundred years. This goes in the record book. This is part of Brock Lesnar's legacy that he got beat in a minute twenty six," he said.

Heyman also said that Lesnar is motivated following the loss at the hands of Goldberg. He said Lesnar will destroy Goldberg when they step in the 30-man-over-the top match at Royal Rumble on 24 January.