Tunisia is aiming to rejuvenate its economy after investors fled the country in the aftermath of the 2011 Arab Spring revolution.

Speaking to IBTimes UK in Sousse, Tunisia, Medicar's supply and development manager Yassine Ben Abdallah, said that the interim government needs to provide more stability in terms of nailing down National Dialogue talks and then the succeeding power has to look at reforming bureaucracy.

"Investment codes for our sector need to be revised, as there is a lot of bureaucracy in our sector," said Ben Abdallah in Sousse.

"There is a long struggle to have authorisation for requests within our field because of this.

"We're not missing out on opportunities right now but if we want new investments in the future, this kind of industry regulation revision has to be made."

Medicars assembles pick-up trucks for India's Mahindra, as well as for Isuzu and Mitsubishi,and has the capacity to produce 1,200 vehicles a year in its new plant.

It aims to produce more than 2,500 eventually.