Tributes are being paid to two senior chefs – who worked for Heston Blumenthal – who were killed in a horrific bus crash in Hong Kong. Jorge Ivan Arango Herrera and Carl Magnus Lindgren worked at the celebrity chef's well-known restaurant The Fat Duck in Bray in Berkshire.

They were travelling in this red taxi on the Chai Wan Road when a double-decker bus hit them. The mangled wreckage an indication of the sheer speed at which the collision happened. Apparently the bus was heading down a hill, when the driver fainted and lost control of the vehicle, and smashed into another bus and the young chefs' taxi, killing them both and their driver.

Another 56 people were injured. Fire crews cut passengers from the bus wreckage and paramedics had no choice but to treat some people for their injuries on the floor just yards away from the scene of the crash.

Apparently the young chefs were in town to work alongside chefs at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. Here's a picture which was tweeted by Jonny Lake, the head chef of the Fat Duck, just a few days ago. Mr Herrera is seen here in the front of frame. Heston Blumenthal had to formally identify both his and Mr Lindgren's body.

Here at the scene, local people burned money, which is a traditional sign of honour and respect for the dead. Whilst in the UK, chef Raymond Blanc posted a tribute on the social network, Twitter: "My heart and my thoughts are with the families of the two young chefs ….and the whole team at this tragic time".

Written and presented by Marverine Cole.