Michael Bisping is reportedly being sued by a man who claims the UFC middleweight champion choked him at a gym back in July.

As reported by TMZ, Bisping was alleged to have choked Antonio Georgakopoulos at the 24 Fitness gym in Anaheim for "taking his weights" without asking for permission.

The Briton proceeded to call Georgakapoulos all sorts of names before choking him, nearly causing him to lose consciousness until another weightlifter intervened.

The victim also claimed that Bisping was arrested by the Anaheim PD who were called to the gym and arrested the 38-year-old for battery and assault.

However, TMZ got in touch with Anaheim police officials and learned that Bisping was not arrested and that the case was directed to the City Attorney's Office.

With Bisping complying with the investigation, they determined that there was not enough evidence to file criminal charges against Bisping.

Regardless, Georgakapoulos still sued "The Count" for battery, assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress among other things.

He also says he had to see doctors for his injuries and that the incident with the middleweight champion has led to nightmares and anxiety, as TMZ state they have made multiple attempts to receive word from Bisping's camp.

Bisping will be in action in just over a week on 4 November at UFC 217 as he will defend his middleweight title against MMA legend Georges St-Pierre in New York.

It is uncertain whether the UFC will comment on the case, if true, or if it will affect the pay-per-view's main event.