Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) star and the reigning women's bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes admitted that she was 'hurt' and 'mad' after her victory over Ronda Rousey at UFC 207 and that was the reason she blew up and said 'bad words' about her opponent.

The Brazilian fighter issued an apology to the California-born fighter, whom she defeated in 48-seconds to retain her bantamweight title in December last year. Nunes posted a picture of Rousey in a stroller being pushed by the champion, and also told reporters that it's not worth talking about the former champion as she is going to 'retire and concentrate on making movies'.

The entire focus ahead of the showdown between the champion and the challenger was on Rousey, who was returning after a 13-month hiatus following her brutal knockout loss against Holly Holm when she surrendered her title. This did not sit well with Nunes, who claimed that the focus should have been on the champion instead.

"That was the real Amanda — respectful," Nunes told FOX Sports about the apology. "That night, I can't hold myself. It was too much for me. It was me and my girlfriend against the world the whole week. Not about me, everything about (Rousey). I was the champion and to hold that (in) was pretty hard and it hurt me a lot."

"I was pissed off. I kept everything (inside). I was mad already. Imagine if I kept saying 'I'm mad, I'm mad', it's another level. After that fight, I blow up."

"(I'm sorry) for the words that I said after. I said a couple of bad words. I never said that before. I don't want people to (remember) that moment. I know it's recorded but I want people to know who I am. A lot of respect (for Ronda) but the way that fight was built it was crazy," the Brazilian explained.

"I've never fought mad before. That was the first fight in my career I fought mad. I was mad. Even after the fight I was still mad."

Rousey was the longest reigning bantamweight champion and is solely responsible for putting women's UFC on the map. But her future remains unclear after she suffered her second consecutive knockout in December. Nunes has credited the American for her contribution, but believes it is time for the sport to move on and concentrate on promoting the current champion and not dwell on the past.

"She did a lot for this sport. She was the most dominant athlete for a while, but now everything's changing. This sport is moving forward. She took days off, that's not my fault, that's her fault," Nunes added about Rousey.

"Now we have a new champion, the UFC has to be everything about the belt. I have the belt."