UFO Sighted During RainStorm over Houston Sky

A woman claims to have recorded a video of UFOs flying over her house in Pennsylvania.

Stephanie Wilkerson claims that she was on the porch of her Lower Paxton Township house when she noticed something suspicious flying over the night sky, ABC news reported.

"I thought it was a plane until I realized it wasn't moving," Wilkerson told ABC. "I watched it for about 20 minutes and I started noticing it changing colors."

Wilkerson was quick enough to record the mysterious event on her mobile phone and even called her neighbour to identify the object.

Her neighbour initially thought it was a planet but when he checked again with his binoculars, he said "No, it changed yellow. That is not a planet," Wilkerson told the news network.

She called 911 and according to ABC News, the police officers who answered Wilkerson's call also witnessed the same mystery lights moving steadily across the sky.

Wilkerson even said that she is "scared to death now".