UK Freezes as Temperature Falls Down
A car is stuck in snow (L) as another turns to avoid an impassable road in blizzard conditions on the Windyhill Road outside the town of Coleraine in County Derry December 14, 2011 Reuters

The Met Office has issued a level 3 alert for cold weather, forecasting a 100 per cent probability for severe weather conditions in parts of England till Friday.

It has also warned that the harsh weather could raise people's health risks.

Meanwhile, the army has been put on standby in case of a level -4 "major cold weather incident". They would help residents by clearing snow from the roads and in special locations such as doctors' surgeries, care homes and hospitals. The Arctic conditions look set to bring in -11C big freeze in February.

North East England , North West England, Yorkshire & the Humber , East Midlands , West Midlands East of England , South East England would see the coldest days on Wednesday and Thursday with the temperature plunging to as low as -6 Celsius and a maximum temperature of not more than 2 or 3 Celsius.

South West England would be less cold and might keep temperatures a little above threshold value

Temperatures in London are likely to fall to a mean of around 0 Celsius for at least 48 hours.

According to the Press Association, experts have said that a high pressure system hanging over Scandinavia and western Russia is pushing raw, easterly winds towards the UK, which meant that it will be the longest spell of cold weather so far this winter.

Clare Allen, forecaster with MeteoGroup, the Press Association's weather division, said: "Most areas of the UK will see daytime maximum temperatures of 2C (35.6F) and 3C tomorrow. London will be a maximum of 4C (39.2F), so it's going to be pretty cold."

Ms Allen said the mercury could fall to as low as -6C in rural parts of south Wales on Wednesday night, and -5C (23F) in Devon.

"The minimum temperatures will be -3C (26.6F) and -2C (28.4F) across the country generally. If people aren't careful driving then it could cause disruption. Anywhere that is wet, it will definitely cause ice," she added.

Weather forecasters have said that scattered snow showers and low temperatures could cause icy conditions on roads in parts of the U.K. However, temperatures are likely to rise above the threshold values in all regions during Saturday.