Blackpool will be seeing more shale drilling to extract gas in the near future.

After the government agreed to allow Cuadrilla, a specialist drilling company to resume the controversial fracking technique, which caused two tremors in Lancashire.

Fracking involves creating a series of small explosions underground, then injecting water and chemicals to release the gas trapped in cavities in shale rocks. And it is believed these explosions are what caused the tremors.

The Energy Secretary Ed Davey said shale gas was a promising new potential energy resource for the UK. It might contribute significantly to energy security and substitute for imports which are increasing as North Sea gas is decreasing. But, it is early days yet.

Over in the US, a shale gas boom has contributed to a fall in energy prices. However Environmentalists have also reported widespread water and air pollution through the chemicals involved in the process, as well as leakage of methane - a powerful greenhouse gas

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