The advent of democracy in Myanmar or Burma (as world renowed Aung Sang Suu Kyi prefers to call it) has prompted the British government to open a Trade and Investment office in Yangon. Back in April, EU sanctions against the reforming country were dropped and lots of interest was being expressed from firms in the UK looking for business opportunities. It's also been very much in the limelight since the female leader of the National League for Democracy took her place in Burmese Parliament and visited Britain.

UKTI Chief Executive, Nick Baird, said Britain's looking to help Burma's electricity infrastructure "The Ministry of Electric Power was particularly interested in early help from us in that area. I'm absolutely clear that the sort of expertise that we have could provide power generation quite quickly, including into rural areas as well as stable power generation within the cities ….But also, it's not just economic, but working together in an open and transparent and responsible business way, will actually help the stability of this country"

Trade delegations from Britain will be arriving in the next few weeks to explore potential new business opportunities