There has been a weekend of terrible violence and heavy shelling in the residential areas of Houla and Hama in Syria. 100 people were killed in Houla on Friday, - 49 children and 34 Women. Yesterday at least 30 people were killed in Hama with many more seriously injured by Syrian army tanks and heavy sustained gunfire. There has been International widespread condemnation of the shelling of Women and children in residential areas and a statement from the 15-member council condemned Friday's massacre "in the strongest possible terms".

The unverified footage shown here and posted by Syrian activists on the internet is extremely graphic and caution is advised.

These are the close up images of dead babies and toddlers lying carefully side by side. Each child killed in heavy fire that has shocked the world.

The unverified video footage shown here of Houla contains disturbing images. The bloodied injured and dead are lying on the packed floor. Everywhere there is blood, people and chaos. Some have limbs missing which are hastily bandaged. The cameraman is clearly heard crying.

The Houla massacre is among the worst carnage in the uprising against Assad, which has cost about 10,000 lives so far. This atrocity has underlined the complete failure of a six week UN ceasefire plan to stop the violence. The Security Council said 'such outrageous use of force against a civilian population constitutes a violation of applicable International law'. Damascus has denied such a charge.