A small group of unarmed U.N. observers has been operating in Syria for a week, overseeing an 11-day-old truce agreement that has curbed some of the violence but failed to bring a complete halt to 13 months of bloodshed.

The U.N. observers' team now 11 strong started a new day of visits where they will meet and talk with all parties.

Speaking to the press Neeraj Singh an official member of the advanced UN team said what the itinery is for the UN team.

"Going out to the field for visits as usual, establishing liaisons with the parties, meeting with the people and making the preparation for the larger mission coming in, so we will be in touch."

In spite of this UN brokered deal between the US and Syria . The U.N. political affairs chief Lynn Pascoe said to the 15 strong UN that the fighting in Syria was continuing, despite announcements from the government that it will comply with the truce, and that it has withdrawn troops and heavy weapons from population centres. She added the measures from the Syrian government were clearly insufficient, and the ceasefire incomplete.