US Tycoon, Donald Trump, is set to build a 'monument' to golf as he jets in today to finalise plans for a £1bn golf course in Scotland.

"What do you mean? We didn't even take out a mortgage to pay this." he said firmly when questioned over how the finance for the golf course is going earlier today.

The billionare who earns £30m from his appearances on the US' Apprentice was quite adamant that it was going ahead despite protests from locals.

"I think we're gonna create the greatest golf course anywhere in the world." he said, adding '93 pct of people' support it.

Trump, whose mother was born in Stownaway, is half-Scottish and 'proud of it'.

He added that no attempts to stop him could happen as although residents had bought a piece of land belonging to Michael Forbes near the development, it could not stop the project going ahead as the land could only block the hotel, years later.

In return for vacating the land, he has made locals an offer they have steadfastly refused:

:: Purchase of their property at 15% above current market value,
:: The opportunity to buy a house on the golf complex at cost price,
:: Lifetime membership of the golf resort.

The two-18 hole golf courses are promised to be something special with Trump admitting in interview today, 'if we get the Open that would be wonderful'.

"Architects tell me that we have one of the best properties they've ever matter what, it will be one of the greatest golf courses in the world not only for Golf, but for the environment." he says, which will benefit from the change of a bird hunting resevoir, which kills 25,000 birds a year to a golf course that 'shoots birdies and eagles'.

Trump did not however say how the dunes in the area could be protected.