The US Government was the creator of the recent flame virus that infected 1,000 machines, according to F-Secure's Mikko Hypponen

Hypponnen has stated that whilst no one has yet admitted to creating Flame, evidence suggests that a covert US government intelligence agency is behind it.

The Flame Virus was discovered to be infecting computers in the Middle East such as Israel and Iran, leading to claims that it was the work of a government of nation state.

Discovered two weeks ago, it is one of the most complex computer viruses in history, allowing those who created it to upload files on a remote computer, and then watch what's happening around the infected PC. It can record screenshots, keyboard activity and follow conversations on Skype.

F-Secure, is a computer security company based in Finland, and Hypponnen noted that the security industry's anti-virus software is useless against the flame threat.

Hypponnen now plans on writing an open letter to Barack Obama, criticising what he believes is the US government's part in this cyber espionage.

Written and Narrated by Alfred Joyner