Cliched as it may be, there is no better time for a love-struck Romeo to pop the big question than on Valentine's Day - the most romantic day of the year.

For 24 hours your inner romantic can run wild without fear of judgment, you can lay on the cheese super thick and love is already in the air. And thanks to the internet, it's not too hard pulling off a proposal your partner will never forget.

If you have already been struck by cupid's arrow and are bold enough to get down on one knee, you'll be on the hunt for some inspiration. From animated declarations of love to death-defying stunts, there are a whole host of hapless Casanovas who have have set the bar pretty high and shared their big moment online.

Here are a few elaborate, extreme or meticulously planned proposal ideas that wound up being YouTube hits.

Disclaimer: Tissues at the ready...

Make it memorable

A guy called Josh decided to propose to his girlfriend Brooke on a rooftop - after making her think he had potentially fallen to his death. It's safe to say it's a proposal she will never, ever, forget.

Enlist the help of Ellen DeGeneres

If you are lucky enough to have any celebrity friends, use them. Oklahoma librarian Kirby got the surprise of her life when her boyfriend Jason proposed to her on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Get on the news

Fox54 presenter Jillian Pavlica read out her own marriage proposal after her station's autocue was hacked by her boyfriend Vince.

Fake your own death

In 2012, Alexey Bykov hired a director, stuntmen, make-up artists and a scriptwriter to help him fake his own death in a car accident before proposing to his girlfriend, Irena Kolokov.

"I wanted her to realise how empty her life would be without me and how life would have no meaning without me," he said of the bizarre stunt.

Surprisingly, she still said yes.

Create a fake a job interview

Last year, Peter Ntephe, 48, spent weeks helping his unsuspecting girlfriend Marie Akendengue, 33, prepare for a bogus job interview lined up at the Gherkin in London. At least she had the right answer for his important question.

Gatecrash a basketball game

Chicago Bulls dancer Ariana Rosado was performing her routine with her fellow Luvabulls during an NBA game, when her friends suddenly ditched her. Turns out the team mascot had something important to ask.

Bring the X Factor

Lauren auditioned for the US X Factor in 2013 hoping to get four "yeses" and a golden ticket, but she got something even better when her boyfriend David proposed on stage. He had even gone to the trouble of auditioning himself, just to throw her off the scent.

Go to the movies

As proposals go, this was definitely an extravagant one. Matt Still got his girlfriend's brother Charlie to take her see the Movie Fast 5. As the trailers start, a shocked Ginny hears a familiar voice on screen.

Say it with memes

Tim isn't good with words so he let the memes do all the talking.

Flashmob at Disney land

Jamin deserves big props for his meticulously choreographed Disneyland display, soundtracked by Bruno Mars' Marry You. His then-girlfriend Valery was not expecting the flashmob proposal.