Valentine's Day is just a week away and lovers around the world are planning how to make the day special for their partners. Moreover, it is this day that everyone wants to use to impress their loved ones and plan an innovative way to celebrate the occasion.

If you are confused or not sure what to plan for your date, help is at hand, as IBTimes UK has compiled a list of five innovative date ideas that will help you make this Valentine's Day special.

1. A horse and carriage ride: Go old school on this special occasion and plan a fairy tale-style date for your love. Explore the roads of the countryside while riding through the greens and stop by to view the sunset together while enjoying wine and cheese.

2. Plan a salsa night out and get cozy: Don't have the opportunity to spend the entire day with that special one? Plan an unforgettable evening and indulge in some salsa. Remember dancing is not just an art, it is a feeling. Let it flow while the two of you can get cozy on the dance floor.

3. Plan a romantic getaway to a vineyard: Fortunately, this year Valentine's Day is during the weekend and you have the liberty to plan an extending two-day romantic getaway, so why no a vineyard. The greens, the grapes and the straight and narrow ways can lead to priceless moments that you and your love will cherish for life.

4. Watch your favourite movie and cook for your loved one: Let your Valentine relive the moments you spent through the years and watch your favourite movie. You could also make a movie out of the best moments and pictures of the two of you and make it a little different by adding some special effects or past events.

5. Turn your living room and bedroom into a luxury hotel: Clean your house from top to bottom before planning the day. Make him/her special and spend the entire day behind closed doors. Cook/order some great food and decorate the table in the most exquisite way you can. Turn the bedroom red and spread the clean satin red sheets on your bed. Make the ambiance romantic by lighting scented candles and some classic love songs and enjoy the day with some good champagne.

Apart from the above, do make sure you leave your gadgets behind, turn your cellphone on silent and let your love know, how special he/she is.