US Rapper Wale has raised concerns that he is ready to quit hip-hop after going on a rant about the music industry. In an open letter to fans, the Bad hitmaker opened up about the inconsistencies that he has experienced with the 'fake' people he has encountered.

"Tired. I'm tired. I tried," the DC native wrote in a post on his Instagram page. "This music industry will take your soul then make you want leave, n**gas don't respect humble, n**gas don't respect intelligence.

He continued to vent in the since deleted tweet: "They'll ask for "this or that" and you deliver it they'll say it never happened. Let me air out some ppl (people) it'll make headlines. Let me uplift some people it'll get buried quicker than u can say 'leanmollyxan.'

The father-of-one, who was sued for $25,000 (£20,175) at the end of 2016 for failing to show up at a New York City gig, signed off his damning post by claiming that "they'll kill you and then worship you when you gone."

He later jumped on Twitter and dropped the nugget: "Ni**as only fuck wit u when ur face on that Teeshirt ...this whole sh*t fake."

Just hours earlier, the 32-year-old appeared in a better spirits as he paid tried to his mentor and label boss Rick Ross. He tweeted: "Want to wish my mentor, my teacher one of the greatest people in my life , a happy Gday ! Thank you for all you do for us Oga @rickyrozay."

Fans may recall that back in 2016 fellow rapper released a track entitled False Prophets which featured a verse believed to be about Wale. The track, which talked about a friend that got easily stressed and focused to much on what other thought of him featured the lines: "I got a homie, he a rapper and he wanna win bad / He want the fame, the acclaim, the respect that's been had / By all the legends, so every time I see him, he stressin' / Talkin' 'bout, n---as don't f**k with him, the sh*t is depressin'"

In response, Wale penned Groundhog Day, where he acknowledged that point his friend was trying to make.