Their hits Glad You Came and Chasing the Sun confirmed their status as one of the hottest boybands on the planet but their new single, Walks Like Rihanna, has divided fans.

The British-Irish group - Nathan Sykes, Tom Parker, Siva Kaneswaran, Max George, Jay McGuiness - debuted the catchy track on Capital FM.

Walks Like Rihanna, which talks about a man being mesmerised by a beautiful woman, features the lyrics: "She can't sing/ She can't dance/ But who cares?/ She walks like Rihanna."

The song was co-written and produced by Dr Luke, who has previously worked with Katy Perry, Britney Spears and Kelly Clarkson.

Ahead of the big reveal Parker said: "We are really excited about this single. We feel it's a little different from the usual Wanted sound - we've stripped it back to pure pop, it's just a feelgood, fun track.

"Fun is a good word to describe the video too. Let's just say it's got a lot of character."

Some fans described the song as "amazing" but others branded it "nasty and disrespectful" to women.

"Must be one of their best singles yet" one fans said.

"The only thing that lets it down is the middle section. Otherwise, it's almost a perfect pop song. An obvious #1 smash hit," another wrote.

"All The Wanted seem to be doing is making misogynistic comments and being nasty to maximise publicity so that they can enjoy some sort of celebrity status as 'proper lads'.

"Their music has been getting progressively more generic and awful. Their first album was pretty good."

Walks Like Rihanna is the third offering from their self-titled forthcoming studio album.