andrew ridgeley
Andrew Ridgeley recently split with his love after 25 years, but are now back together. Getty Images

Wham!'s Andrew Ridgeley has admitted he couldn't let the love of his life go-go after splitting up with her when they hit a rocky patch.

The former 80s pop star and Bananarama singer Keren Woodward met through George Michael at the height of their fame and became a couple in 1990.

But it was only recently they decided to go their separate ways.

"We split up but we are through those difficulties now and it is all ancient history," Ridgeley, 52, told the Sunday Mirror.

"It's safe to say that things are good and we are very happy now. I don't really like to talk about my private life much but we have worked through everything.

"It's great now, it was hard for a while, but all is well. It's all in the past now, it's old news."

They settled in Cornwall after shunning the celebrity lifestyle in the 1990s. He is often spotted at his local and is an avid surfer.

Michael and Ridgeley met at Bushey Meads School in Hertfordshire. They went on to form Wham! after their short-lived ska group disbanded. Michael has recently hinted he would like to reunite with Ridgeley as Wham! for a one-off concert this year. However Ridgeley failed to comment about any potential comeback.