Samsung Galaxy AI
Galaxy AI alludes to a set of AI-powered features that enhance the user experience on the Galaxy S24 series smartphones. Wikimedia Commons

Samsung announced its first Galaxy AI-equipped flagship smartphones at the Unpacked event on January 17. Notably, the Korean brand is relying heavily on artificial intelligence (AI) advancements in the Galaxy S24 series to drive sales. However, what is Galaxy AI?

According to a post on US Samsung Newsroom, Galaxy AI is designed to deliver "new mobile experiences" for Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24 Plus and Galaxy S24 users.

Galaxy AI can be described as a suite of AI and Generative AI-powered features that help users with their creative, lifestyle, and productivity tasks.

To shed more light on these features, the folks at SamMobile have shared a video exploring what exactly is Galaxy AI on the Galaxy S24 series.

Galaxy AI: Why is it a big deal?

A new video posted on SamMobile's official YouTube channel gives us a glimpse into all the AI features that come with the Galaxy AI suite. Those features include writing style suggestions (via Samsung Keyboard), Interpreter mode for language translation during face-to-face scenarios and real-time language translation during messaging and voice calls.

The abovementioned features draw power either from Google's or Samsung's own large language models (LLMs) and run using the Exynos 2400 or Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 For Galaxy processors, depending on the model.

While most of these features run completely on-device (without internet), some of them require internet connectivity.

Circle to Search

The Galaxy S24 series boasts a new Google AI feature called Circle to Search. This uber-cool feature can be described as an improved version of Google Lens, which allows users to circle any part of the screen to search for information about the circled content.

AI-powered image and video editing

Galaxy AI is teeming with image and video editing features as well. There's a feature that can come in handy for correcting the angle of an image that is not level (horizontally or vertically) with respect to the object, subject or scene.

Generative AI fills the blank parts of that angle-corrected image. You can also erase objects or subjects in an image. Likewise, you can select an object/subject in an image and change its position, angle or size. Moreover, it can convert normal videos into slow-motion videos.

Samsung Keyboard

The new AI-powered Samsung Keyboard is capable of correcting your language and grammar. Aside from this, it can recommend several styles for texts and translate language in real-time.

Samsung Notes

A newly-developed feature can help you summarise notes in Samsung Notes or webpage/article content on Samsung Internet (Samsung's browser). Samsung Notes can convert your handwritten notes to text and then summarise them in templates with eye-catching text formatting styles.

Aside from this, Galaxy AI plays a key role in voice-to-text transcribing, language translation, and summarisation in Voice Recorder. Also, there's a Wallpaper Generator in One UI 6.1.

Regrettably, the word on the street is that these AI features will initially not be available in all languages and will only be free until 2025.