Each year, many industries make a lot of profit for the services or products they create and sell. With so many industries, there are a few in particular that outshine the rest which includes the iGaming industry, tech, retail and more. If you want to find out more about these sectors then make sure you keep on reading to find out just how profitable they were last year and why.

Most Profitable Industries Last Year?
What Were the Most Profitable Industries Last Year? Pixabay

Tech Industry

One industry that was profitable last year was the tech industry. This is also an industry that you can expect to make more profits in the upcoming years. Technology is becoming more and more advanced every year. It is used a lot in our everyday lives from setting reminders to staying in contact with friends and family to accessing social media and even for business and medical use. With technology becoming more advanced you can expect it to be incorporated into our everyday lives to a greater extent. Last year the tech industry made a profit of billions of pounds and is on track to reach trillions in profit in 2020.

iGaming Industry

If you like to play games from the comfort of your own home from your mobile or desktop, you can thank the iGaming industry. This industry is up there with some of the most profitable industries and it is not difficult to understand why with all the games that are available for you to play. With the £10 no deposit bonus features available from some online platforms, it means that more players can enjoy additional offers at more sites. The gaming and iGaming industry made a profit of around 157.3m euros last year and this can be expected to grow even more in the upcoming years with all of the different games available.


Shopping is something that everyone likes to do either if it is shopping in stores or online. Retail is a big industry and also makes many profits through the years with all of the different types of retail stores you can make purchases from either if it is clothing stores, toys stores, jewellery stores or supermarkets. Through the years, online shopping has become more popular and in 2019 e-commerce sales added up to 3.53 trillion across the globe. It is also estimated that e-commerce sales could mount up to 6.54 trillion by 2022. With so many sales through online shopping, you can expect a lot more stores to have online websites that you can head to instead of having to go into shops to purchase items.

In Summary

Overall, there are a lot of different industries that make profits but the most profitable industries in 2019 included the iGaming industry, tech and retail and well as many others. Although these were the most profitable industries last year they are still just as profitable this year and will be in the upcoming years along with many new industries. Watching these trends and how they shift can give some fantastic insight into how we like to spend as consumers.