A Wheel of Fortune contestant has become the target of jokes on social media after his epic fail moment on the show. During Tuesday's (21 March) episode of NBC's syndicated game show, a contestant named Kevin was only one letter away from getting the correct answer.

One letter was missing from the board, which read: A STREETCAR NA_ED DESIRE. Almost anyone would have recognised the title of Tennessee Williams' 1947 play, but Kevin failed to do so.

He told the host he would like to request the letter K, which would have made the answer: A STREETCAR NAKED DESIRE. The show's host Pat Sajak paused for a few seconds before saying, "noooooooo," and the next contestant immediately solved the puzzle.

"Although you got the right answer I'd rather see Kevin's play," the host quipped to the winning contestant. Williams' Pulitzer-winning Broadway show was even made into a film in 1951.

Twitter ripped into Kevin's answer, as a user wrote, "A Streetcar NAKED Desire?!" Kevin, you MORON. #WheelOfFortune". Another compared him with Matt LeBlanc's character Joey Tribbiani from Friends. Alongside a photo of Joey laughing at the epic fail moment, the user wrote, "Feeling for "Streetcar Naked Desire" guy tonight on @WheelofFortune. The real life Joey".

"Hey, Wheel of Fortune contestant who just tried to fill in A STREETCAR NA_ED DESIRE with a K, DM me - I'll buy you a beer or 20," said another user. While another Twitter user questioned, "America deserves to know how Kevin made it to Wheel of Fortune."

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