Mia Khalifa
Mia Khalifa, 21, was born in Beirut, Lebanon but moved to Maryland, US, as a teenager Instagram

A Lebanese-born model is being bombarded with death threats after becoming the Queen of PornHub - the world's most popular porn website.

Mia Khalifa, who moved to the US as a teenager, first provoked outrage within the Middle East after making her porn debut in October 2014. She is a Lebanese Christian.

The backlash reached fever pitch earlier this month when she climbed to the top of the porn giant's charts to become one of the world's most popular adult actresses.

While some critics have accused the 21-year-old star of disrespecting her faith, other claimed she was living a sinful life and deserved to be killed.

"I am a Palestinian patriot and what you are doing is shameful," one person wrote.

But, despite the backlash, Khalifa insists she is proud of her accomplishments and has no plans to suppress her sexuality.

"Doesn't the Middle East have more important things to worry about besides me?" she hit back Twitter. "How about finding a president? Or containing Isis?"

IBTimes UK gets to know the woman sending shock waves through the adult entertainment industry a little better.

Mia Khalifa facts

  • She has an Arabic tattoo that features the following lyrics from the Lebanese national anthem: "Koullouna lil-watan, lil'oula lil-'alam." (all of us for our country, for our flag)
  • She sometimes goes by the stage name Mia Callista.
  • Her role models include Kim Kardashian and Sofia Vergara.
Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian is one of Mia Khalifa's role models Getty
  • At 5ft 2in and 8st 9lb, Mia insists she is not a traditional slim model. Just so you know, her curvy measurements are 34DD-26-40.
  • She made her porn debut in October 2014.
  • She beat industry veterans such as Lisa Ann, Madison Ivy, Sasha Gray, and Jayden James to top Pornhub.com's charts. She is currently the site's number one ranked porn star.
  • Ironically, she sports a hijab (the headscarf worn by Muslim women as a symbol of modesty) in one of her porn movies.
  • She has over 100,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter and regularly strips off on social media.