Tess Munster has made history after becoming the largest and the shortest plus-size model of her size to be signed to a major agency.

The 29-year-old, who has been added to MiLK Management's books, caught the eye of the London-based agency due to her strong fan following on social media.

"I feel like it's breaking ground. This is a milestone," Munster told the Daily News. "I never could have imagined that I could be here."

At 5ft 5in and a US size 22 (UK size 26), the Mississippi native definitely stands out from the crowd. Plus-size models are typically taller than 5ft 8in and a US size of 8 to 16.

The mother-of-one, who has recently adopted her photographer fiancé Nick Holliday's surname, has even been pushing the hashtag #effyourbeautystandards to encourage other misfit wannabe models.

"I understand not everyone understands what I'm about. But to me it's such a simple concept. It's all about loving your body regardless of your size and chasing your dreams," she recently told the Huffington Post.

But for now, she prefers to focus on the largely positive reception she has received since breaking on to the fashion scene.

"Thank you all so much for your congratulatory messages and comments!" she wrote in a post on Facebook. "It's only 9am and my heart is bursting with happiness! This is bigger than my wildest dreams."

IBTimes UK gets to know the budding model a little better...

Tess Munster facts

  • She is from Mississippi but moved to Los Angeles to further her modelling career.
  • Vogue Italia named her as one of the top six plus-size models in the world.
  • She is engaged to renowned fashion photographer Nick Holliday.

"A lot of who have been asking if I was married yet, and the answer is no. I changed my name because my career is moving in a different direction and I wanted my name to reflect that. When I do get hitched -- you will know it!"

  • She is has a nine-year-old son.
  • She was bullied about her weight growing up but is happy she proved them wrong. "I hope this makes you realise that it's OK to be yourself, even if you happen to exist in a fat body. I'm sexy, confident & give no f**ks. Also, f**k anyone for saying otherwise."
  • At 5ft 5in and 18.5 stone, she is the shortest and largest model on MiLK Management's books. She has been signed to the agency's plus-size arm, Curves.
  • Among her many inkings is a tattoo of Miss Piggy on her right arm.