Will.i.am and Nicole Scherzinger
The Black Eyed Peas star poses in front of his car hours before it was stolen outside his album launch party Twitter

Will.i.am has expressed his fury after his custom-made car was stolen outside his album launch party in Los Angeles.

The Black Eyed Peas star was stunned when he emerged from his #Willpower album listening party and discovered that the limited-edition car was missing.

He tweeted: "My car was stolen...what the f**k..?

"Where is my f**king car...??? This isn't funny anymore. I'm going to be optimistic and pray that my car is returned and safe.

'#givemebackmycar this joke is getting old..."

He had driven to the Avalon in Hollywood, with X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger, for the party.

The pair happily posed for a snap beside the impressive white gullwing - a prototype that hybridised a DeLorean and a Dodge Challenger.

It was not the first time he was targeted by thieves. In 2010, Will.i.am's Bentley was broken into and £7,000 worth of items stolen.