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Apple is reportedly teaming up with Google to bring AI features to its upcoming iPhones Pexels

News of a potential partnership between the two tech giants has some users worried that Google's Gemini AI, known for generating images and biased chat responses, might introduce liberal bias into upcoming iPhone features.

iPhone users upset, investors worried

The potential Apple-Google deal has some iPhone users threatening to switch brands, while others are claiming it is simply "embarrassing" that Apple had to rely on Google for artificial intelligence (AI).

Last month, Google temporarily disabled Gemini's image-generating capabilities after the AI-powered tool generated historically inaccurate pictures (Black Nazi soldiers and a female pope). The search giant recently restricted Gemini's ability to answer election questions as well.

Gemini's text generation capabilities were also limited after users labelled it more "woke" than the AI image generator. The AI allegedly avoided condemnation of paedophilia, promoted certain gender identity misconceptions and questioned the validity of diverse casting practices, arguing straight actors can't play gay roles.

Based on insider sources, Bloomberg reported a potential Apple-Google AI deal on Monday. The talks reportedly involve Apple licensing parts of Google's Gemini AI for upcoming iPhone features this year. Regrettably, details about the terms or branding of an AI agreement and implementation are still scarce.

However, Apple could shed some light on this deal during its annual developer conference in June. Interestingly, the report suggests the iPhone maker recently held talks with OpenAI, the company behind the widely popular ChatGPT, about using its model.

'Woke iPhone' or Apple falling behind?

A potential deal could grant Google's AI access to billions of iPhones, boosting the company's competition with Microsoft's OpenAI. The deal could also appease investors who are worried about Apple's late entry into the AI space, especially after its recent stock decline and loss of the world's most valuable company title.

The firm's existing partnership, which makes Google the default search engine for Apple's Safari browser, could pave the way for a GenAI deal. The deal could also help Google's parent company, Alphabet, handle competition from services like ChatGPT. The Sam Altman-led AI startup is reportedly plans to challenge Google's search dominance by launching its own AI-powered search engine.

Some experts expressed concerns that the potential deal highlights Apple's relative position in the current AI landscape. Moreover, powerful Android phones with Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chips reportedly threaten iPhone dominance, adding pressure on Apple to stay competitive in AI.

"Apple turning to Google for a garbage AI product shows how far behind Apple is getting in actually innovating anything useful for its consumers," wrote economist Don Johnson on X.

"They charge more for the same things & innovating for Apple is removing a headphone port, adding seven cameras, and bolstering revenue streams by charging for crap that didn't previously cost money," Johnson added.