MMA star Conor McGregor and his luxury yacht have been making a lot of headlines in recent days. The Irishman was in the news earlier this week after he posted a raunchy video taken from the upper deck of the vessel. This time, another controversy has been reported from the Irishman's yacht.

An unnamed young woman has reportedly filed a complaint with the Irish Gardai, claiming that she was the victim of an assault which took place on board the UFC champion's yacht. She claimed that she suffered bruising after the attack, but the assailant's identity has not been made public. It is unclear if the suspect is known to the woman, but it has been determined that the perpetrator was not McGregor himself.

The incident is believed to have taken place on July 17, during McGregor's 34th birthday bash. He was joined by his partner, Dee Devlin, and they had invited a number of friends. It is unknown if he and the complainant have a close relationship.

The woman's identity has been kept under wraps for now, but the Irish Sun reports that she is in her 20s and hails from the Drimnagh area of Dublin. She had initially tried to make a report while in Spain, but was left frustrated due to the language barrier.

After being injured, she was reportedly transported back to shore on a speedboat, where she received treatment and tried to speak to the police. When she saw that it would be difficult to communicate, she made the decision to head home.

Upon returning to Ireland, she went to the Sundrive Garda station in Crumlin to file a complaint in early August.

Irish police have since coordinated with Spanish authorities, and an investigation is under way. She also provided evidence in the form of medical records from the treatment she received after the incident.

CCTV footage from the day of the alleged incident is now being examined by authorities. No witness statements have been gathered so far, and it remains to be seen if McGregor and Devlin will be involved in the case.

Conor McGregor
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