Indonesia rescuers have spotted the wreckage of a Russian Sukhoi aircraft, that went missing yesterday while on a demonstration flight with up to 45 people on board .

A search helicopter spotted the wreckage on Mount Salak a dormant volcano in the West Java province. It can clearly be seen on the left hand side of the 5,500 ft high cliff face. There has been no word about the fate of the 45people on board.

The Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono speaking at a press conference confirmed that a high priority search and rescue mission would continue for survivors. He said

"The airplane crashed at the edge of Salak mountain. I have spoken directly to our officer in the field. It was found around 1.5 km (0.9 miles) from the predicted site. An investigation must be done immediately and thoroughly. Search and rescue operations must prioritise finding people on board."

Meanwhile the human cost is only too clear as distraught relatives wait to hear news of missing loved ones. One missing passengers sister Adek Irma,speaking to a reporter, wants to know what happened to her brother? she said

"I am trying to accept this and am relieved that the plane has been found. I still hope that my brother can survive the accident."

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