WWE legend "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff, who was diagnosed with liver disease a decade ago, is fighting for his life as his health is deteriorating due to the illness.

The former wrestler's wife of 21 years, Renae, was informed by doctors that things will "get worse" for her 74-year-old husband.

"There's really nothing they can do about it except to keep a watch on him," Renae told The Post and Courier.

Koloff's deteriorating health status was revealed to the public because he had to cancel his wrestling related appearances along with his charity work.

"He's just not able to go out and do appearances as he had in recent years. He's not even able to sign autographs at this point," Renae said.

"Ivan's had liver disease for many years, but he's been living with it. He didn't want to make it public before now because he wanted to continue to witness about the Lord and help with the Children's Miracle Network and do weddings and fundraisers. He just wanted to stay active," Renae said.

"He's really down about not being able to go out and make appearances. But he can't even sign his name. We do have a rubber stamp with his signature on it. Our daughter goes with us, and she helps him get to the table. I guess we could stamp the pictures ahead of time," she added

Ivan's daughter has set up a GoFundMe to help her father cover the cost of his medical bills.

Ivan debuted as the villain "Russian Bear" at the WWWF in 1969 and started a rivalry with then-world champion Bruno Sammartino. Ivan became WWWF world champion after he ended Bruno's seven-year reign as champion at Madison Square Garden in 1971.

Ivan has not been inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame and he spoke about it in 2008.

"Well, I haven't heard anything from them, but yeah. I'd be interested for sure. I'm a firm believer with my ministry that I capitalize on any situation out there that would promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To me, if they'd give me the honor of being in the HOF for WWE, I'm not here to judge them. I would love and res the fact of being able to get up and say thank you not only to fans, not only to Vince McMahon, but above all, my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. It would be awesome to have that platform to do that," Ivan said.

Ivan Koloff
Former WWE superstar 'Russian Bear' Ivan Koloff (Right) and 'Russian Nightmare' Nikita Koloff. WWE/Youtube