Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle have squared off a number of times in the WWE ring, but there is one fight between the two superstars that the WWE universe has never been told about. Now, Bruce Pritchard has finally revealed the story behind how the Beast Incarnate and the Olympic medallist got involved in a real fight in the WWE locker room.

Speaking on the Something to Wrestle with podcast, the former WWE producer said that the two wrestlers were involved in a real fight just hours before a WWE event in 2003.

Pritchard said that the fight between the two stars took place as other wrestlers goaded them to fight because they wanted to see who would come out on top.

"This was a culmination of weeks, maybe even months of the boys backstage stirring the pot. Here you've got two world class athletes, two amateurs at the top of their game, both legitimate tough guys. So the boys were sort of poking both guys with sharp sticks," Pritchard said.

"Going to Lesnar 'hey Brock, Kurt said he'd take you no problem', and then going to Kurt and saying: 'Wow, did you hear what Brock said about you?' He said he'd take those Olympic gold medals and shove them up you're a**. Kurt and Brock didn't say sh** to each other. There was no arguing, but the talent would get each of them riled up in their own way."

Pritchard said Angle and Lesnar's fight lasted eight seconds as an angry Vince McMahon walked in and stopped the fight.

"As they started to lock up Vince McMahon came out and saw what was happening in the ring and abruptly said 'hey, god dammit, knock it off', and put a stop to it pretty damn quick," Pritchard said.

"There was no winner, no loser, it wasn't any malice, it was just 'let's wrestle', and see who is going to spank who. Vince (McMahon) was not happy at the boys stirring it up and taking his two guys and making them shoot on each other (fight for real) — not good for business."

Kurt Angle
Former WWE superstar Kurt Angle