WWE superstars always try to outdo each other in the ring. And, this has been the case on Monday Night Raw since the inception of the red brand 25 years ago.

To celebrate the success of Monday Night Raw in the past 25 years, the promotion has released a video that reveals the most extreme moments from the show.

"The Superstars will stop at nothing to claim an important victory on Monday Night Raw, even if that means taking things to the extreme. Countdown the 10 most extreme moments to occur in the 25-year history of Raw," reads the caption of the video that has been shared on the company's official Youtube channel.

Below are the top 10 extreme moments from Monday Night Raw

ECW Inspired

Brock Lesnar's advocate Paul Heyman was on his knees and pleading to John Cena to not hurt him when the duo came face-to-face in the ring. Sabu took advantage of the situation and attacked the Cenation Leader with a steel chair.

Cena rolled out of the squared circle but Sabu was not done. Sabu placed Cena on the announcer's table and then carried out a suicide leg drop on the latter from the top rope.

Shane McMahon's Cage Dive

Shane McMahon is known for jumping off from top of steel cages. On one of the episodes of Raw, McMahon climbed onto the top of the steel cage and jumped onto the members of a tag team in the ring during a match.

Cactus Jack's Attack

This occurred when Triple H clashed with Mick Foley's alter ego, Cactus Jack. Triple H was about to pedigree Cactus Jack through a wooden table but the latter delivered a low blow and then carried out a piledriver.

Flipping Out

Jeff Hardy carried out the Swanton Bomb but failed miserably to hit the mark - Bubba Ray Dudley. Hardy then rushed at Bubba Ray Dudley, who threw the former out of the ring and on to a wooden table.

Deadman Down

This move was epic as only a handful of wrestlers have managed to chokeslam The Undertaker. Rusev not only carried out a chokeslam on the Deadman, his move made a big hole in the middle of the squared circle.

Kendo Cruelty

Fans often see Kendo stick being used by wrestlers to beat the daylight out of each other in special matches. Daniel Bryan did more than just beat Randy Orton with the Kendo stick during their fight. He used the stick to pull out a move that nearly ripped the Viper's head off.

A Closer Look

During an episode of Raw, Chris Jericho grabbed Shawn Michaels by the neck and rammed the Heartbreak Kid's head onto a flat TV screen.

Painfull Side Effect

Matt Hardy and Edge were fighting very close to the edge of the ramp. Hardy quickly crossed his right arm around Edge's neck and drove the latter ten feet to the floor below them.

Ring Wrecker

Only a few wrestlers can do what Braun Strowman did to The Big Show during their match. Strowman carried out a bodyslam on The Big Show from the second rope. The power of the move was so powerful that it destroyed the ring.

Bombs Away

Jeff Hardy's fall on top of his opponent from some 25 feet above the ground could be the craziest move a wrestler has pulled off in the WWE. After he carried out the move, Hardy was unconscious for a few seconds. Referees had to call in the medics.

Watch the video below