The live audience witnessed WWE RAW security in action as they tackled an actor who they thought to be a ring invader. The miscommunication between the backstage officials and the security left the "pastor" pinned to the ring ahead of the Lana and Bobby Lashley wedding segment. Along with all the big announcements and matches, the WWE Universe was treated to the odd mix-up.

The controversial storyline involving Rusev, Lashley, Lana, and Liv Morgan went a step forward as Lashley and Lana finally got married on Monday Night RAW. While the segment involving the four stars on the last RAW of the decade was booked to prevent the couple from tying the knot, an incident almost got in the way of the segment again.

Actor Rick Malone returned to RAW to play the role of the pastor hired to wed Lana and Lashley. On the December 30 edition of RAW, Malone was forced to run away from the ring as Rusev and Morgan demolished Lana's "dream wedding" set up. Malone was supposed to return to RAW on January 6 to finally wed the much-hated couple.

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RAW security tackled actor mistaken as crazed fan. Facebook/WWE

After the match between AJ Styles and Akira Tozawa, the camera panned out to the audience before cutting for commercial. The audience at home missed out on the mix-up, but the spectators at the arena witnessed two security personnel tackle a man in a suit after he tried to get in the ring. The security then dragged the protesting man out of the ring before a backstage official rushed to the man's rescue.

The official handed Malone a bible and explained to the security that Malone was supposed to be present in the ring. Malone was finally free to conclude his task of marrying Lana and Lashley. Announcer Vic Joseph narrated the incident to the audience at home after the commercial break. Joseph explained that the person presumed to be a crazed fan was the wedding officiant.

The mix up seemed like a real incident and Malone's social media post claimed that he was forced to dive into the ring because the security tried to stop him, making them more suspicious. However, Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet claimed that the mix-up was also a planned part of the segment.