Only a few WWE stars can do what Shane McMahon does in his fights. He is a daredevil who performs insanely risky stunts just to the keep the fans on their toes.

The son of WWE chairman Vince McMahon has performed many high-flying stunts, but the one he will be remembered for is the leap from the roof of the 6.1-metre tall steel cage onto The Undertaker during their Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania 32.

McMahon's jump was incredible but also very dangerous as evident from the time he took to recover from the crash as fans feared for the worst. The two stars continued their fight and ultimately the Deadman came out on top.

McMahon recently appeared on "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's podcast and divulged what was going through his mind before performing the high-flying stunt.

"I get hyper focus, so I get like whisper quiet, because you have to stay focused, because it's extremely high risk," McMahon said, according to "I'm thinking 'I'm going to nail this thing', that's it."

McMahon said that he cracked two ribs with the stunt and felt the pain when he was still involved fight

"I get up there, here we go, jump off — and it's not the flight, it's the sudden stop that gets you," McMahon said. "That's where you're laying there trying to get a breath, going 'oh my god', counting ribs. You're stiff, oh my god, stiff. I cracked two ribs in my right side, at least two. It was sore for about eight, nine weeks, it was tight.

"First my body was numb, the impact was highly intense. I was trying to get my air back and then used my brain to do a systems check, 'I can feel my toes, my fingers, I'm like OK, I'm hearing things OK, things are checking out a little bit'.

"I look over and [The Undertaker] is looking at me like 'you crazy b****' , I've got to come beat you. When he picked me up that's when I felt my ribs. The system check didn't check that one. I felt that."

Shane McMahon
WWE star Shane McMahon