Enzo Amore
Enzo Amore in the ring WWE

A woman has accused WWE star Enzo Amore of raping her in a hotel room after getting her "f*cked up". She has claimed that Amore, whose real name is Eric Arndt, restrained her when "it happened".

Accusing the 31-year-old Amore of raping her, the woman said on social media that she "was in a mental hospital for 45 days" after the incident. The woman has also accused Tyler Grosso and TOOPOOR of letting Amore rape her.

"OKAY..it's been long enough & I have been so so scared to share this," the woman wrote on Twitter. "I was raped in mid October by the WWE Enzo Amore (also known as Eric Arden) & Tyler Grosso & TOOPOOR let it happen as accomplices. They are not good people."

Amore is being investigated by the Phoenix Police Department over the rape allegations made by the woman, according to ProWestlingSheet.

"On Monday, October 23, 2017, at around 2:30pm, Phoenix Police responded to a local hospital for a call of a sexual assault that had reportedly occurred on October 19, 2017 at 401 West Clarendon Avenue. This case is under investigation," Ryan Satin of ProWestlingSheet has said.

ProWestlingSheet has been told that the investigation is nearly complete and that the police are just waiting for lab results.

WWE has suspended Amore and the wrestling entertainment company has said he can come back to perform his SmackDown show only after the matter is resolved.

"WE has zero tolerance for matters involving sexual harassment or sexual assault. Until this matter is resolved, Eric Arndt (aka Enzo Amore) has been suspended," the wrestling entertainment company has said in its statement.