You may soon be able to stream games from your Xbox consoles directly to your phone. Microsoft has launched an Xbox Console Streaming preview, which will enable players to play classic Xbox games on their smartphones.

However, currently it is part of a selected preview. Players will need to be US or UK-based Xbox Insider or a part of the Xbox Alpha/Alpha Skip-ahead rings. Players will have to own a Bluetooth-capable Xbox One Wireless Controller to be capable of playing the game.

You will also need:

  • An open or moderate NAT type
  • Upload bandwidth of at least 4.75 Mbps (9 Mbps preferred)
  • Network latency of 125 ms or less required (60 ms or less preferred)
  • The Xbox One console to be set to instant-on in the power options

Currently the regions are limited but the company has stated that it will expand the preview to other Insider Rings in other regions, in the future.

"Our vision at Xbox is to empower you to play Xbox games where you want, when you want. Whether you've got just a few minutes to complete a race in Forza, or find yourself with an hour to get some online multiplayer in before the next train arrives, console streaming allows you to play your games on the go," Jonathan Hildebrandt, Principal Program Manager, Xbox stated in a press release on Xbox's official website, Xbox News.

The Xbox to Android streaming service is different from the company's xCloud game streaming. This is dependent on the connection between the console and the smartphone, rather than cloud-based gaming. It is using the same app to access your console and your smartphone instead of a cloud-based Xbox console.

Microsoft is conducting separate trials for xCloud, which will support Xbox 360 and Xbox One games, currently limited to just four games.

Xbox Android streaming
Xbox Android streaming preview has begun. Credit: Xbox